An Architect and an Architectural Drafter

By | February 20, 2016

There’s a big difference between an architect and an architectural drafter. The architectural drafter is someone who, under the direction of the architect, places the architect’s ideas on technical drawings so that it’s clear to the builder what to build. Starting with the preliminary sketches created by the architect they are able to work up the plans, elevations and details into a finished set of drawings ready for the contractor. The architectural draftsman, with added experience and opportunity, may become an architectural designer because some designers began as architectural draftsmen. Yep, the apprenticeship method still exists.

To be fully qualified for their work, the architectural drafter needs to have training and experience in a variety of subjects connected with drawing. These might be listed generally as follows:

  1. In today’s modern world, they need to be intimately familiar with Computer Aided Drafting. Manual drafting on the board is also a plus.
  2. They need to be totally familiar with the principles of orthographic projection. This would include the relation of views, auxiliary projections, sections, developed views, reflected views, intersections, etc.
  3. They must know the various architectural Symbols, and the methods of showing the various forms of construction.
  4. They need to be acquainted with the history of architecture.
  5. They must know the principles of pure and applied design.
  6. They need to know the different types of materials, their strengths, characteristics, limitations and treatment.
  7. They should have a working knowledge of perspective drawing, shades and shadows, and all the aspects of rendering.

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  1. P.W.C.

    Hello there, I found your web site by way of Google searching for a related topic. Your site was on the first page. I’ve never realized there was a difference in architects and architectural drafters. I would be interested in learning architectural drafting. I believe I’ll sign up soon. Thank you.


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