Two Story Course Access

Make sure you have downloaded all your symbols before you start Lesson 1!

  1. Laying out your Floor Plans

    • As with the one story we begin with a sketch, you will learn how to place and size rooms and locate doors and windows. Most important, lining up and understanding the stairs.

  2. Service Areas

    • Layout a comfortable kitchen, a workable bathroom and utility room.

  3. Dimensioning your Floor Plans

    • This is one of the most critical parts of the 2 story drawings, how to place your dimensions where they would be best understood, labeling your doors and windows, what notes go in the plan and which belongs elsewhere on the page, labeling do’s and dont’s.

  4. Adding Electrical to your Floor Plans

    • A discussion of the extra electrical required in a 2 story home.

  5. Drawing the Basement Plan

    • We already covered the standard foundation in House Plan Drafting 101. Now we need to learn how to draw a basement.

  6. Drawing The Elevations

    • What’s it going look like when its built?
  7. What Details do I need and why

    • What details are needed with a 2 story home that are out of the ordinary.

  8. Checking yourself

    • Finishing your drawings and not letting goofs and slip-ups get out the door. We explain the most common mistakes made by drafters drawing a 2 story home so you can look out for them!

  9. Finishing Touches & The Finished Product

    • Final notes and labels, double check yourself.