Single Story Course Access

  1. Laying out your Floor Plan
    • Beginning with a sketch, you will learn how to place and size rooms, locate doors, windows, etc.
  2. Service Areas
    • Layout a comfortable kitchen, a workable bathroom and utility room. 
  3. Dimensioning your Floor Plan
    • How to place your dimensions where they would be best understood, labeling your doors and windows, what notes go in the plan and which belongs elsewhere on the page, labeling to do and do not. 
  4. Adding Electrical to your Floor Plan
    • Where should you place receptacles and where not to, what lights a room best, when to use Ground Fault, placing your meter base, etc. 
  5. Drawing the Foundation or Basement Plan
    • Something has to hold up your new house. 
  6. Drawing The Elevations
    • -What’s it going look like when its built? How to determine the best roof pitch, do we use brick, siding or rock? 
  7. What Details do I need and why
    • I don’t know of any Builders that can read your mind. If your plan is out of the ordinary, somebody has to explain it! We do this with graphics. 
  8. Checking yourself
    • Finishing your drawings and not letting goofs and slip-ups get out the door. We explain the most common mistakes made by drafters so you can look out for them! 
  9. Finishing Touches
    • Final notes and labels, double check your checking yourself, those things that dress up your drawings. 
  10. The Finished Product
    • Where is the Plotter? What order? Where to have copies made? How many copies? Who gets what? Methods of charging for your work. (After all, some of you will probably want to earn money for your labors!)