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Learning to draw a residential floor plan in a CAD system Hello, Welcome to the Floor Plan Creation Section of our Drafting School

There are drafters who specialize in certain fields. One of these is creating the floor plan drawings for a set of House Plans. Designers, Architects, & Engineers all sometimes hire trained professionals to create their floor plan sketches for them. That's what this course is about. From this site I will teach you how to draw a Residential Floor Plan complete with dimensions and notes.

From the directories of this website, I will teach you how to:

  • Set-up your CAD Program. (Free CAD & CAD Tutorial included)
  • Create the walls, place the openings and the symbols for doors and windows
  • Layout Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Utility Rooms
  • Dimension the entire plan and place the needed notations where they need to be (Just like the image to the left)

This is not a tutorial. It is a very comprehensive and complete course in Architectural Drafting...

The cost of this course is $24.95. You may enroll by clicking here...

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